Common People's Experiences ~Haven Smith~
  • 1635- Boston Public Latin School was founded (oldest public school in US)
Founded on April 23, 1635, the Boston Latin Public School, the oldest existing school in the US. The school had produced many politically important people.
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Back then they used what is called a horn book. The horn book originated in New England in 1450. A horn book is a piece of wood with a handle, engraved with usually the alphabet and sometimes numbers, religious materials and phrases. It had a hole through the handle with a leather string through it so children were able to carry it on their belt or neck. They taught the accient Greek belief, that the only good things are the goods of the soul.
The Boston Latin School is still open and operating today with high expetations of their students.

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  • 1647- Alse Young became the first person executed. Hanged in Hartford, Connecticuit.
In 1647 Alse Young was executed in the state of Connecticuit. This was the first recorded execution in the American Colonies.

She had a reputation as a witch. She was married to John Yound who then disapeared from the town and its records. Her daughter around 30 years later was accused of witchcraft also.

Alse was hanged at the Meeting House Square in Hartford. This is currently the location of the Old State House.
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Proof of her death had been stated in the diary of Massachusetts Bay Colony Govener, John Winthrop, "One... of Windor arrainged and executed at Hartford for a witch." The man the Govener talks about, Windor, also comments in his journal, "Alse Young was hanged."

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In 1642 witchcraft became punishable in the Connecticuit Colony. 1642-1692 there had been 12 other people hanged for witchcraft

Witchcraft is the use of supernatural or magical powers or spells. Their powers supposedly came from the devil and were used to harm people and property. There is bad and good witchcraft, good is used to heal others and bad is used against others to harm. Technically witch means wise, this is ment for both witches but singaling out the white witch or "good witch". This religious act is still used today and frowned upon in some locations

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In the 17th century supernatural was part of everyday life. People had strong beliefs that satin was always active on earth. Eventually white magic turned into dark magic which was associated with the devil and demons. The Salwm Witch Trials were the most famous of all trials involving witchcraft. They were conducted in the Salem Village, Ipswich and Andover.