The Spanish-American war began in 1898, between the United States and Spain, after the United States got involved on the Cuban war of Independence. Before the beginning of the war there had been years of tension which hit a boiling point in the 1930’s when Joseph Pulitzer and William Hearst spread anti-Spanish propaganda about many Spanish leaders in Cuba; followed closely by the sinking of the ship The Maine in Havana. Under intense pressure party members, President William McKinley, who had wanted to avoid a war, was forced to wage war on Spain, although Spanish leaders tried to reach a compromise.

The war, that lasted ten weeks long, was fought in the Pacific and the Caribbean. Rebel Cuban forces, strong U.S. naval power and sickness brought the Spanish down, but not without a few significant battles. Finally, Madrid sued for peace, (The process of initiating peace.) leading to the Treaty of Paris in 1898. This lead to the U.S.’s impermanent control over Cuba and control over Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine islands. The loss of the Spanish-American war led to the breakdown and ruin of the Spanish Empire.
Collin Hale, Chelsea Francis
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