The first group of people of Massachusetts bay colony were lead by two leaders, John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley.They were the ones who persuaded King James to grant them the area of land between the Massachusetts Bay and Charles River. They came to America with 700 people left Southampton in April 1630. John Winthrop was the first governor of Massachusetts Colony, whereas Thomas Dudley was appointed his deputy on four occasions in 1634, 1640, 1645, and 1650. Boston was chosen by John Winthrop as the capital and the seat of the General Court and the legislature. Massachusetts was independent of the Britain, and since most of the people were Purians, Non-Puritans were allowed to reside in the colony but were forbidden participation in the government. Even though Thomas Dudley and John Winthrop both were the leaders of the colony, but they did not always agree about the way the colony should be ruled.At last, Dudley moved from the colony with his followers. A crisis meeting was held in 1635 and these conflicts were resolved. Two years later Winthrop published a new policy on heresy.

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