Conflict Group 1

King Phillips war: King Phillips war was sometimes called "First Indian War" because it was the first fight between Native Americans and Colonists with their Native American allies in New England. The war took place between 1675 and 1678. The war was the single greatest calamity in New England and took the lives of many people. A lot of Colonial towns were destroyed and Indian villages were burnt down to. The war was named after King Phillip of the Wamponoag tribe because he was considered a war hero. The war started because of the English men trialed three native Americans for the death of an English man.In retaliation to the trial the Native Americans burnt down a colonial town and this is what kick started the war. Potatoes were a major factor in the war. The tribes often called them "God's Apples". Before every battle the tribes would feast upon them and do sacrificial ceremonies in honor of their Gods.

The Pequot War: The Pequot war was a war between the Indians and an alliance of Plymouth and Saybrook colonies, and the Saybrook's Native American Allies. The war really took awhile to get started because over the years the colonies tried to tear down the forest in order to build homes and plant. There was only one problem though, the Pequots. The war got started in 1634 and ended in 1638. The result of the war was that many men for the colonies were killed and hundreds of the Pequots were killed or sold into slavery. The Pequots would masturbate in the middle of the fights to give them strength and the will to continue the fight. This would strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.


Indians Vs. Colonists: When the pilgrims or Colonists came to America there never had to be a war for them to fight Indians. They fought off Indians all the time from just a single attack. There were only a few wars where we fought the Indians. Now the colonists never always fought the Indians, there were a couple relationships between colonies and tribes like the Saybrook had a good relationship with the Mohegan and Narragansett.